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You need an easy to manage, flexible solution to email marketing.
I invite you to try Mailer: an easy, web based newsletter management tool.

Why use email marketing? A retail store might feature a new product every week. Or offer special discounts. A sports organization may send out important announcements.

With the intuitive web interface, you can use Mailer to create, send, and monitor your email marketing efforts: including the ability to manage your subscriber list, to see who opens your newsletter, what links they click, and more! In other words, it's easy to send newsletters and after you send them you can actually see in real time how it performs.

And getting started is easy because I'll help you get setup with everything you need. Request your free Mailer account by contacting me at


Only Pay When You Send

Identify's Mailer Newsletter service pricing couldn't be more simple. There are no setup fees, no monthly fees and no hidden fees.

Pricing: $10 plus 15 cent per recipients

For each mailing you send, you pay a flat delivery fee of $10 plus 15 cent/email.

Let's say you're sending an email newsletter to your organization's database of 500 subscribers. To send this newsletter, you will be charged $10 plus 15 cents for each email, $75 in this case, making a total of $85.

Read on to learn about bulk discounts.


Pre-purchase your email credits and save over 50%

If you would like to avoid lots of small transactions, then pre-purchasing email credits is for you. The pricing structure is a sliding scale, so the more you buy, the more you save.

Billing Option

Deposit Required

Total Amount
of Emails

Average Cost per email

Example: Cost of sending 500 subscribers (includes $10 delivery fee)

Flat Rate

No up front fees

Per email based billing



Option A


3000 emails



Option B


6250 emails



Option C


16000 emails




All Option packages include a customized newsletter template designed for your business and are backed by the lifetime support from Identify.

Try out Mailer

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